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We are offering you an alternative to selling your vehicle on your own! We can help you sell your vehicle quickly and get you top dollar for it!

What do we do?
1. Professionally detail your vehicle
2. Take high quality photos
3. Advertise your vehicle
4. Handle any incoming calls or emails
5. Your vehicle is represented by a professional sales person
6. Meet the client with no appointment necessary
7. Pay you the pre-negotiated value upon completion of the sale
To good to be true? What is in it for us?
Our company is family owned. With a combined 40+ years in the automotive industry, we know how to sell cars quickly and have the BEST spot to do it! We are located right in the heart of Portland.
Once you set the number that you want to receive, we will then work above your number to make our profit as well as leave room to negotiate with prospective buyers. It doesn't matter if the car is $10 dollars or $10,000 dollars consumers still want a good deal. Our main goal is to get you as much as we can out your vehicle.

It is estimated  that 90% of all Americans finance their vehicle. The reason consignment is the number one choice for people like you is because consumers with a good credit file and/or a lot of money, tend not to waste time driving all over meeting private sellers through Craigslist. They go to a dealership, because they trust us and know we are not going to disappear after the sale is made. It is simple, convenient and quick. They can trade in a vehicle, set up financing, purchase extended warranties and be on their way.

The way we work is simple. When you bring in your vehicle, we will appraise it and figure out what we could get you by having us sell it. I will give you my professional opinion, you and I will determine a price based on the market so that we can get it sold fast! The best part is we don't take a percentage of the sale. This allows you to take all the money from the sale of your vehicle! Usually, the amount you net after the sale is about KBB PRIVATE PARTY VALUE GOOD CONDITION!

Whats the next step?
1. Call John @ 503-318-3935 or reply to the e-mail you received for an appointment.
2. Bring your vehicle in for a professional appraisal (8041 S.E. Mcloughlin Blvd.)
3. You set the number that you want to receive (okay if there is a balance owed)
4. Pay a one time fee of $299 (see details below)

$299 dollar breakdown
A FULL professional detail
All the advertising,
Recurring maintenance once a week (keeping your car
washed and clean),
Handling all the DMV paperwork (transferring the
titles and renewing the registration),
33-pt mechanical and safety inspection,
CARFAX reports for customers looking at your vehicle,
A secure location,
Answering calls, e-mails and showing your vehicle to get it sold FAST!

You also have complete privacy. Nobody wants complete strangers calling their phone at all hours and coming to their house. None of your information will be given out. If you supply service records for the vehicle we will make copies and remove your personal information before we show them to anyone else, or give them to the next buyer.

Please let me know if I can help you sell your vehicle!
Feel free to email me or call me at 503-318-3935
I'm usually in my office Monday - Saturday 10am-6pm 

This is just an overview and does not begin to cover all that we can do for you. Please call me to set up an appointment so I can provide you all the information you need to make an intelligent decision. Once you check us out, you will wonder why anyone would try to sell their vehicle on their own!

John A.
Inventory Manager
-Executive Autosport LLC-
8041 S.E. Mcloughlin Blvd.
Portland, OR 97202
503-318-3935 office
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