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Can I pay the consignment fee when the car sells?
Unfortunately, no. The $299 is for up front expenses i.e. the full professional detail, advertising ect. and needs to be paid up front.

Do you take a percentage of the sale?
No! That's the best part. We make our profit by selling your vehicle for more than you have it consigned for. 

Will you just buy the vehicle from me?
Yes! However the number you will be offered will be lower than what we could consign your car for. We as a licensed dealer can buy from wholesale auctions all over the country and therefore buy vehicles at a great discount. We are more than happy to look your car over and let you know what we can do for you. A lot of people utilize our service because they do not want to receive the ugly trade in number for their vehicle. Our program allows our customers to receive thousands more than if they were to trade it in. 

What can you do that I can't do on my own?
We have the time, energy, location and resources needed to sell your vehicle quickly. We can offer financing to the new owner, take in trades and  give it the exposure it needs. Your vehicle will be represented by a professional sales team who's  sole interest is selling your vehicle quickly!

I still owe money on my vehicle. Can I consign it?
Yes! It's easy. When we find a buyer for your vehicle, we take the proceeds and pay off your loan. The bank releases the title to us and we handle the DMV paper work to title the vehicle in the new owners name. We then pay you the difference between your pay off and the amount you consigned the vehicle for.

My car has a branded title. Can I consign it?
Unfortunately No, we do not carry branded/salvage title vehicles. 
Consignment F.A.Q.'s

​Executive Autosport LLC  was founded to break the stereotype of the "used car dealer." We pride ourselves on doing things different. We believe quality used cars at the right price sell themselves. You can feel free to browse our cars without being pushed into something that doesn't fit your needs. We also only sell vehicles we can stand behind, we keep our operation small to ensure that quality is never sacrificed to fill empty slots on the lot. We are car fanatics and do this because we love to! If you need help finding the right car for you we can help with honest answers and opinions, we believe happy customers, bring more happy customers and value your continuing business!
Sales F.A.Q.'s
Yes! We our very proud to work with the best lenders in the industry! Great credit or bruised credit, we can provide you with the very best rates available! We are a Credit Union Direct Lender (CUDL) with the experience needed to find the financing package that fits your needs and budget. Zero down financing is available OAC.
Do you offer financing?
Do you have warranties available?

Yes! We can offer warranties at substantially lower costs than our competitors and they are available to you and your car at the time of purchase just ask! We can even put a warranty on a car you already own or are purchasing from another dealer! Cost is determined by make, model year and mileage. Ask your associate for details.
Do you take trades or buy used vehicles?
​Are vehicle deposits refundable?
Yes, absolutely! We pride ourselves on only selling the best in pre-owned autos, this means we would love to have your quality used car in our inventory. Your car in rough shape? No problem we will still take it! Just be reasonable in what your asking for it. We have the best reconditioning services available to us! If your car is to far gone to bring back, we can always sell it at auction to those other guys that will sell anything with four wheels!
Other services
Executive Autosport is also  experienced in car customization! We have built some of the finest custom daily drivers and showcars in the NW! We can assist you in all phases of your build from design to execution! We do it all: car  stereo, engine tuning, suspension and brake upgrades, window and light tinting, wheels and tires and even custom paint! Call for an appointment and we will help you bring your ideas to reality!
No, vehicle deposits are not refundable. When a vehicle has a deposit left it is considered sold. If you decide not to purchase your deposit is forfeited. Ask your sales rep for details.